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Westcon helps our federal reseller customers seamlessly, securely and profitably deliver government/federal technology solutions. We provide essential support through our dedicated team focused on expanding your reach, capabilities, opportunities and prospects. With global breadth that allows tremendous economies of scale, we ship to and operate in more than 100 countries. As a premier value-added distributor, we help strengthen your business by offering specialized solutions, services, logistics and support resources you won’t find anywhere else.

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Winning Federal Contracts 2015

Listen to the latest podcast as Stu Schwartzreich, Westcon Federal, and Jeff Smith, President of True Upside Consulting, have an in depth discussion on the key elements to developing a winning strategy for the Federal market and how to differentiate yourself as a Federal IT provider.

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2014 Federal Buying Season News
In this week’s issue, we discuss why cloud security is now front and center for federal resellers, a new poll showing concerns on data center reliability, and why your company needs to know about the Services Contract Act.
Congress Poised To Fund Government Into December
Question For Your Fed Customer: What Is The Operational Impact Of Having Unsecure Systems?
Your Federal Customer May Be Worried/Confused About The Cloud
Video: Westcon Federal Secure Supply Chain UID Tagging
Video: Westcon's Secure Supply Chain Services
Capitalizing on the Future Today with Westcon Federal

Join Gahn Lane, VP of Service Providers and Public Sector for Westcon, as he explains why federal resellers rely on Westcon Federal for the expertise, experience, connections and resources we bring in delivering solutions to this intricate market.

Avaya GEM Promotion

Authorized Avaya Partners using the GEM Promotion will receive a 10% discount off WPP on eligible Avaya Networking products at the time of purchase. NOTE: For this program period, the GEM discount only applies to qualifying Avaya Networking products. No other products are eligible for this program.
Promotion ends September 30, 2014.

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For public and military sectors, SMART makes collaboration interactive and engaging. No matter what it’s used for, training purposes, team collaboration or to command & control, SMART provides hands-on technology to streamline government decision-making. Interactive content available anywhere Whether you’re looking for an interactive flat panel, conferencing software, or a SMART Room System, a SMART Visual Collaboration Solution provides the results you need. Increase productivity, create a legacy of progress and accelerate communication with anyone, anywhere using a combination of SMART products. Prepare your team with effective, realistic training. Proper training ensures team members will be better equipped to make quick decisions in a time of need.

To learn more about SMART solutions for your federal customers, please contact Stuart Schwartzreich, Director, at or 1-800-996-7035.

Enabling Government in the Digital Age

Government agencies are being challenged to provide their employees and the citizens they serve with secure, cost effective, high-speed access to online information and resources. For today’s agencies, high quality video, collaboration, social media, VoIP, and multimedia applications have become mission critical services. These applications have placed unprecedented bandwidth and control demands on existing networks. The increasingly rapid deployment of wireless access, data center virtualization, and the adoption of Cloud Computing have further complicated network management and control. For federal government agencies, the challenge is determining how to deliver secure, seamless, always-on access to these mission critical services across both the wired and wireless edges of the network. Agencies need to deliver access from laptops, tablets, smartphones and other types of devices, at any time, from any place and from anywhere, while at the same time maximizing efficiencies and cost savings across all areas of the network infrastructure. Extreme Networks provides a rich set of secure networking solutions that allow federal government agencies to meet not only today’s needs, but also to be prepared for future demands.

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Polycom US Federal Government Solutions

Empowering US Federal Government operations and services with unified communications (UC)

US Federal Government departments and agencies suffer from budget pressures due to tax revenue shortfalls, spiralling costs and increasing demands from citizens. They need solutions less to improve service, responsiveness, efficiency, productivity and collaboration with fewer resources.

The Polycom suite of collaborative solutions enable greater interactions and engagement between government organizations and stakeholders, giving citizens on-demand access to better quality of services wherever they may be located.

Law enforcement, military and emergency services teams provide an ever-widening array of services. Polycom solutions help them better prepare and coordinate, shortening response times to emergencies such as natural disasters, environmental crisis, health hazards and security threats.

Overcrowded justice systems create dangerous situations and logistical problems. Polycom solutions help streamline civil and criminal judicial operations by reducing pending in-person proceedings and eliminating transportation requirements for offenders and law enforcement personnel.

US Federal Government agencies and departments responsible for national defense and national security can increase the state of readiness, quickly assess situations and securely communicate in any environment ensuring greater mission success.

Obstacles to organizational efficiency are solved by the integration of the Polycom® RealPresence® standard-based platform that help improve public services, safety, justice and security by minimizing distance barriers, removing organizational differences, and closes gaps to bring people together.

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